Mark Pulido is a versatile artist, graduated in the University of fine arts of Barcelona. On a trip to India he discovered the sound of the Bilas, flat bells of high vibratory frequency, and with them he began an artistic, therapeutic and spiritual path.

The Bilas are an instrument of new sonority, created in 1989 in Russia, with an extraordinary sonorous power, full of harmonics, vibrations and long duration that creates a surprising world of sounds.
Mark works with the inventor of the Bilas to co create what is now the biggest Bilas instrument in the world, with more than 70 different frequencies.

During this process he has also studied and is now a Theta Healing teacher learning to consciously use Theta brainwave. Through tests performed by the Neuroacoustic Laboratory of Spain with Theta brain waves, he incorporated to the instrument the tunings with binaural frequencies in order to stimulate the brain Theta wave, making this instrument with therapeutic capacities, unique in the world.

Parallel to the individual sessions, since 2011 he has been performing concerts in churches, castles, monasteries and cathedrals throughout Spain, opening a new musical concept to develop moments of healing, reflection and group meditations. These concerts mainly seek to bring a transcendental experience to the listeners, beyond any acoustic concept or musical style. Being one of the few interpreters of Bilas, he investigates the fusion between hypnotic melodies, different atmospheres and silent spaces to expand the limits of the known and the unknown.

With the first visit of his ThetaHealing Master: Vianna Stibal to Spain, he decides to share this medicine, together with the incredible spiritual energy and healing that is created in her Theta Healing events, making a concert in the same room and within the days of the Thetahealing trainings, open to all who want to vibrate high and live this unique experience!